About Us

About Us

FAM Business Consulting

FAM Business Consulting is a strategic consultancy supporting entrepreneurs in medium and large companies. We are comprised of independent Associates who have many years of personal experience covering all aspects of your business.

We operate individually or we can function as a team of two or more, depending on your requirements. We provide insight into your business operations on a personal level; assisting owners in creating, evaluating, and implementing initiatives that enhance the value of your company. We work directly with the principals on the tough issues. When you are delivering on your business promise every day, you may not have the time to think strategically. That's where we come in.

FAM Business Consultant is now published as one of the Best Credit Repair Companies in St. Petersburg.

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About About
About Us

Our Mission

The issues that got you here are as unique as you are. We can help! At FAM Business Consulting, you work with a non-judgmental counselor who will listen to your particular situation, identify priorities, and design a personalized plan to fix it. Our supportive staff and easy to follow maintenance plans are efficient and affordable. By breaking the big goals down into small steps, you will understand what needs to happen and you will see progress right away. The key to success is support. With FAM Business Consulting, you have a personal coach to help you stay on track.

FAM Business Consultants, hold ourselves and others accountable and look for opportunities to succeed every day. Our goal is to help people maximize their potential in business using a strategic plan. We bring a can-do attitude and we are vigilant with our results.

Good credit is possible

If you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or misrepresented contact us today for immediate support. We are the ONLY credit repair company with YOUR goals in mind.

If you don’t have perfect credit, no worries! You can improve your credit with a positive attitude, perseverance and knowledge is key! Making corrections on a credit report that is undesirable, requires time and responsibility. This is done by frequently monitoring and obtaining credit reports from each of the three credit bureaus, to assure results and improve your credit score. So, stop procrastinating and contact us today.

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Start Your Path With Us

If you have an idea for business and don’t know where to start, we can help. Or, if you’re looking to change your credit and change your life, we want to speak with you today. We offer a free initial consultation. Contact one of our strategic consultants.